High Definition Beauty Boutique Review (London only)

July 20, 2016

High Definition Beauty Boutique Notting Hill

It’s been an incredibly stressful few weeks with Teddy’s health resulting in us going in and out of hospital to try and get him well again, but a couple of weeks ago I had a lovely afternoon of pampering that really made me feel as though I could cope with it all a little better; I had a lovely, hearty lunch in West London followed by a visit to the newly launched High Definition Beauty Boutique in Notting Hill – there really is a lot to be said for taking a few hours out of a challenging situation to boost your ability to handle the stress.

High Definition Beauty Boutique Review

The High Definition Beauty Boutique is a beautifully presented salon providing all the main treatments that you’d expect from such a venue; these include facials, manicures, pedicures and of course the HD Brow treatment, which has kind of been given an overhaul as the brand modernises it’s take on brow treatments, so whilst it still follows the established HD Brow process, there’s a bit more flexibility so if you’re not a fan of the blacked-out, high-arched “Instagram Brow” that many associate with HD Brows, you can specify your preferences and leave with something a bit/a lot more natural.  I had a gel pedicure and manicure as well as the HD Brow treatment.  I have had HD Brows done previously so I was very explicit about needing something very natural – I wanted a tidy-up and a shape, but nothing too dark or OTT.  Thankfully I was given exactly that, although I fear I may have gone overboard with my requests as the finish was possibly a bit too natural, but definitely flattering and suited to my face, with regards to both the colour and the shape.

High Definition Beauty Boutique

For me, the real stand-out treatment was the pedicure, which regular readers will know is my ultimate pamper treatment; with that in mind, I’ve had many, many pedicures with price points ranging from £10 to £100 so if I recommend a pedicure then it has to have really impressed me! The pedicure at the High Definition Beauty Boutique was extremely thorough with a high level of pampering; I was left with feet that felt amazingly soft and looked tidy and polished.  The thing I focus on most of all during pedicures is the softening process as I think pretty much anyone can do a relatively tidy paint job, but it takes a level of skill to get the whole foot looking good.  The softening, exfoliating and moisturising elements of the pedicure were extremely thorough, very relaxing and the result was spot-on, so I would definitely return for this treatment even though it isn’t my most local salon.

High Definition Beauty Boutique Notting Hill Review

I had gel applied to my toes and fingers and both sets are still going strong exactly two weeks after application – I’ll be Instagramming a picture of my hands later as there’s literally no signs of wear or chipping, and the only way you can tell it isn’t a fresh paint job is due to the unavoidable regrowth of the nail itself.  The manicure was also great, although as I had gels I feel like I missed out on the exfoliation that happens during standard manicures, so when I go back I’ll book in for a traditional manicure so I can enjoy the full experience.

HD Beauty Boutique London Review

The High Definition Beauty Boutique is also house to the newly launched range of make-up from the brand, which is a fabulous, and surprisingly vast, collection of products covering the whole spectrum of make-up and not just focusing on the brow line…although I kind of want everything in the brow range as it is! Having spoken to a few people who work with the brand whilst having my treatments, the products that kept coming up were the Illuminators and Fluid Foundations, although having had a closer look at the range, I’m feeling the love for the Candy lipgloss, the Pro Brow Palette and of course all the brow joy! Check out the full collection here and find out more about the treatments available at the Notting Hill salon here.

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