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If you’re in reasonable travelling distance of London then cancel any planned facials or treatments and make an appointment at the Debbie Thomas Clinic instead; this is the place to go for serious results in record time that will leave you very impressed.  I heard of Debbie Thomas quite a while ago as she has a reputation for being the “Queen of Lasers” due to her regularly investing in top of the range lasers whilst seeking out the very best in the industry and finding out exactly what they do and who they’re best for, which she then trains her staff in at her clinic.  I went along a couple of weeks ago to see Julie Thomas and have a treatment.

Debbie Thomas Clinic ReviewPIN IT

The salon itself is a great balance of both clinical and pretty, meaning you can tell immediately the place means business, but you don’t feel like you’ve just walked into a hospital ward.  Everyone who works there has phenomenal skin, including Julie who’s skin was pretty much perfect, without a trace of make-up in sight.  The thing that really puts the Debbie Thomas Clinic above all similar clinics is the completely bespoke approach to procedures; you pay for the time with a specialist who then looks at your skin and decides what treatment you would take the most benefit from, so rather than booking for a peel or laser session, you choose how long you’d like your appointment to be – anything from 30 to 90 minutes – then the specialist adapts the session accordingly; obviously the longer you’re there, the more treatments you’ll have, but I just think this is the most fantastic approach to driving results and it’s the most bespoke approach to facials I have ever come across.

Debbie Thomas Clinic ReviewsPIN IT

I absolutely loved Julie as I thought she really understood my skin which is so rare with skin like mine; I’m so used to people focusing on the acne and little else when I have these kinds of treatments, but Julie noted all the annoying little elements that cause problems on my skin and put together a treatment plan to tackle them all.  We decided my main issue above everything else was the redness, which I had perceived as pigmentation but Julie felt it was mostly redness and inflammation, which makes a lot of sense.  Consequently, the treatments were tailored to reduce redness and calm skin whilst dealing with the dehydration and keeping in mind that I’m spot-prone.  I was lucky enough to have a 90 minute treatment, which consisted of a deep cleanse and peel to start, followed by an extraction with a rather scary sounding needle – I’m not a needle fan and every time I heard the click of it being readied my stomach would lurch! It didn’t really hurt though, thankfully – then the Hydrafacial which is a kind of lightly exfoliating treatment that pushes product into the skin, then a session under the Light Therapy lights that involves sitting under a mask that works it’s way through several different light types to treat a variety of issues such as acne and redness.  I was then moved through to the laser room to experience three different types of laser (some of which were pretty painful, but mercifully quick!) that again tackled all my various issues, making the treatment completely inclusive.  If you think about it, when you book in for a laser treatment it’s usually to treat something very specific, so if you have a multitude of issues then you’ll have to have quite a few different treatments to address them all, whereas this way everything is treated in one go.  Of course, such a treatment comes at a price and as it’s a Chelsea based clinic, those prices are pretty substantial, starting at £215 for a 30 minute treatment, rising to £545 for a 90 minute session, but if you have the money I really would recommend visiting the Debbie Thomas Clinic, even if it’s just for a 30 minute session to to grill one of the specialists on their thoughts on your skin – I have made some real changes to my skincare routine to address the issues Julie diagnosed and I left my session feeling really inspired and eager to try some of the treatments at home.  Most importantly, my skin was seriously improved by the time I left the clinic and you could see the redness had been significantly reduced, my skin also looked and felt clearer and smoother and my nose had far fewer blackheads, which is an area in particular that I’ve given up on as nothing budges them! I’m definitely a fan and really rate my experience, and I especially recommend visiting Julie if you can.  Find out everything you need to know here – link.

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