Frederic Malle Iris Hand Cream


I absolutely love finding a great budget product to share with you guys, but I am very aware of the fact that my tastes lean a little more luxury, especially as I get older as I’ve found I take a lot more pleasure from the simple things in life; a bath laced with expensive oil, a foundation formulated using the most up to date ingredients, and a hand cream that ticks all the boxes, much like the Frederic Malle Irish Hand Cream, or to use the fancy, full name, Creme Pour Les Mains Au Beaurre D’Iris.


The Frederic Malle Iris Hand Cream costs £55 which is a hefty old some to spend on a hand cream, so I was all geared up to scrutinise this and triumphantly declare what a ridiculous price for something you use to hydrate your hands…but then I tried it, and immediately I understood it.  I even squeeze a little out for whenever I have house guests so they can try it too, as it really is quite wonderful.  The fragrance, as you might have guessed, is Iris, but the most beautiful, silky, fresh Iris you’ll ever smell that works beautifully in a hand cream.  However, prettily-fragranced hand creams aren’t too tricky to come across, but what really gives the Frederic Malle Iris Hand Cream is justified price tag is just how lovely the formulation is; rich, buttery yet extremely light and delicate, this feels comforting and hydrating but sinks in immediately, leaving a smooth, softened, lightly-scented result that is every bit as luxury as it’s price tag.  This is not the sort of product you’d chuck into your handbag to use whenever you remember, it’s the sort pampering treat you use nightly before bed, when you can allow the Iris scent to waft over you as you settle in for the night.  If you’re seeking something a little bit special for your hand care, this is it.  It’s here – link.

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