Indemne Gimme Clear! Unexpected Lotion, Konjac Sponge and Blackhead Remover


Indemne are a French skincare brand that are 100% natural and contain a variety of products for various skin and body care needs, housed in cute, neutral packaging.  I was sent a trio of products from the skincare range and I’ve had a little while to play with them so I thought I’d share my thoughts.


The Domi-No Blackhead Remover is a double-ended tool that’s easy to use and designed for the removal of blackheads.  This is a bit of a controversial tool as a lot of people feel it isn’t the sort of thing you should be doing to your own face (and should instead be left to the skill of a professional) and I’m going to make it even more controversial by saying that I use this to deal with whiteheads (*ducks from stuff being thrown at me by Caroline Hirons*) as I find it a good way to pop open the top – I’ve never felt comfortable using my hands and I always end up with a bleed when I do, but using this gives me more control and I find I end up only removing the spot itself and not upsetting the skin underneath.  As I say, it’s controversial so only use at your own peril! It’s £6.67 here – link.


Next up is the Konjac Sponge with Green Clay.  Konjac Sponges are brilliant for achieving a very gentle exfoliation of the face and I really recommend them for gentle, everyday exfoliating, but Konjacs are all much of a muchness really and you’d struggle to find a bad one.  I think the main reason people tend to favour certain brands is because of their presentation; the Indemne ones are heart-shaped and look very cute.  They’re also well priced at £6.67 here – link.


If you can ignore the slightly annoying name, the Gimme Clear! Unexpected Lotion is a real star product, and I can see this being a product the brand becomes known for.  It’s basically an oil that’s been formulated to treat spots, and I especially love it because it’s so gentle and lovely to use, whilst really helping to treat spots and inflammation – the fact that it’s an oil makes it incredibly unusual (and unexpected…) and I am currently totally in love with anything gentle and soothing that’s designed for spot-prone skin.  It’s £18.42 here – link – and it’s definitely going into my list of products that I’ll recommend to those struggling with difficult skin, especially those who sit outside the typical oily/spot-prone skin types and instead have other issues like dryness and dehydration, as this will help with it all.

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