Filorga UV Bronze Mist SPF50

I think spray-on facial SPFs are going to have their moment this year, which makes perfect sense considering they’re such an easy product to use (if done right!) and since SPF is one of the main things that people struggle with on a daily basis, anything that’ll make the inclusion of such a important product (I say that ever so self-righteously but I’m *terrible* at remembering to use one) easier is all good with me.  Filorga are an interesting brand who focus heavily on producing anti-ageing formulas in accessible products; they’re kind of in the direction of cosmeceuticals but not quite, and are mainly available at M&S Beauty.

The Filorga UV Bronze Mist SPF50 is rather fabulous, I have to admit, especially as it’s a bit of a do-it-all product.  I love the fact that it has such a high SPF and it’s also designed to hydrate and cool, plus it provides skincare benefits thanks to the inclusion of Vitamin H, Xylitol and an anti-ageing cocktail of HA and NCTF, whatever that may mean.  When I first used this, I closed my eyes sprayed, then sprayed again, then sprayed again before opening my eyes figuring the spray was blocked, since I literally felt nothing other than air – it was only when I opened my eyes to find myself confronted with a cloud of product (courtesy of three long sprays) that I realised it was actually working just fine.  This is either a plus or a minus depending on what you’re focus is regarding this product; for me, it’s primarily an SPF so anything that is so incredibly light that you don’t even feel it going on is nothing but positive, but if you’re seeking that refreshing, cooling sensation you get with facial mists, you might find yourself a little disappointed.  Having said that, you can achieve that with a cheapy facial spray that you can easily track down, but a lightweight SPF in a travel-friendly spray formula is a lot harder to find, so with that in mind, I recommend the Filorga UV Bronze Mist SPF50 to anyone who needs to up their SPF application game.  It’s £29 here – link.

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