An Introduction to Bio-Extracts


Bio-Extracts is a range of skincare that allows you to take total control and create totally bespoke skincare depending on your needs.  It definitely feels like skincare is finally catching-up with consumer needs, since many of us have skin that straddles several (often conflicting) issues that can’t be sated with a ‘one size fits all’ cream.  Interestingly, I think it’s only in the last few years that we’ve all really become clued-up on skincare to the extent that this sort of approach to self-formulating would be welcomed with open arms, I think this would be quite an intimidating product range 5-10 years ago!


There are three base creams, (Light, Normal, Rich) and nine booster products (Anti-Wrinkle Boost, Lifting Boost, Firming Boost, Hydro Boost, Glow Boost, Antioxidant Boost, Pore Minimising Boost, Clean to Clear Boost, Redness Relief Boost) with the idea being that you start by picking the cream that you think will suit your skin needs, then select the boosters to mix into the cream to create your bespoke treatment.  However, what I especially like about the whole Bio-Extracts concept is that the control really is in your hands, so you can do whatever you like with both the base creams and boosters – to a certain extent, there are no real rules.


The base cream pots are well-designed, so you release a pump of cream on to the surface of the cream pot, then start adding your boosters.  If I remember correctly, they recommend between 2-4 boosters, but again it’s up to you – the boosters are designed to contain as few ingredients as possible to minimise any negative interactions.  If, however, you don’t fancy using the base creams, you can mix the boosters with your existing skincare or even make-up, or you can use the boosters as serums which is particularly handy for combination skin as you can focus hydration on certain parts and spot-fighting or pore minimising on other parts, so you really can do whatever you depending on the needs of your skin.  I was expecting a very high price point, but whereas these aren’t exactly budget, I think they’re really fairly priced, with the base creams costing £27 each and the Boosters £19.50 each.  There are also sets and multi-buy deals available that’ll save you a few quid, but what I really, really like, is the fact that there are £5 sampler sets available to help you decide if the range is right for you before investing.  Check out the whole range here – link.

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