Three Awesome Concealer Launches

Concealers are one of the products that I get really excited about, as a really good concealer can be a total game-changer.  There are three big concealer launches happening either right now or very soon, so I thought I’d share my excitement with you so you can see what’s coming.

First up is the Bobbi Brown Instant Full Cover Concealer, which, going by the blurb, is specifically designed to cover under eye circles. Most brands have a product or line that they do best, and I think Bobbi Brown provide the best under eye concealers as they’ve literally got every bit covered (no pun intended…) whether you need a little bit of coverage or you have extremely dark circles that need a multi-product attack, Bobbi Brown has it all and then some.  I’m excited to see how this full coverage concealer performs when it launches for £23 – there’ll be 15 shades and you can find out more here – link.

Amazing Cosmetics quickly made a name for themselves thanks to highly pigmented and cult Amazing Concealer, so when I saw they were extending their line of concealers at a press show recently, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.  Joining the original, there’s the Amazing Cosmetics Corrector, Amazing Concealer Hydrate, Amazing Concealer Illuminate and the Perfection Stick.  I have the Hydrate and Illuminate which I’ll be reviewing soon, but I’ve already had a good play and the Hydrate is very exciting – it feels brilliant on the skin and works as both a blemish and under eye concealer.  Find all the newness here – link.

I really like what Benefit are doing recently; whilst releasing plenty of exciting new launches, they’re also turning to their existing products to see what can be improved and added-to, with the best example of this being their amazing brow collection that they recently relaunched.  Now they’ve done the same to their concealer collection, with the whole lot being relaunched under the Boi-ing tag, so you have the product that started it all, the Industrial Strength Concealer, the Hydrating Concealer which I believe is replacing Fake Up, Airbrush Concealer and finally the product I’m most excited about, the Brightening Concealer, which promises full coverage and colour correcting.  Everything is out now and can be found here – link.

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