12 Gifts of Christmas: The Eternity Rose

Here we have a lovely gift for the girl who has everything, The Eternity Rose, which is something quite different and very special.  The Eternity Rose is a way of giving a beautiful rose as a gift, that’ll always remain in perfect condition and never wilt or diminish.  Eternity Roses are plucked in their prime and then glazed and trimmed with gold, so the finished product is sturdy and long-lasting, whilst still maintaining the delicate beauty that a single rose provides.

The Eternity Rose is all about detail.  It comes presented in a beautiful, stitched leather box with navy interior where the rose is kept safe and secure.  The rose also comes with a certificate of authenticity to confirm that each rose is an individual piece of art, whilst also confirming that the gold trimming is 24 karat.

The Eternity Rose

It’s quite easy to dismiss The Eternity Rose as a gimmick until you study the detail of the product and realise it is exactly as it says; a glaze-dipped rose that’s obviously been selected for its beauty and perfection.  When you look closely, you can see the leaves are genuine rose leaves, as are the petals and the stem.

The Eternity Rose

What’s great about The Eternity Rose is the amazing colour choices and finishes available; you can go for a fully metal dipped rose in gold or silver, or go for the colour one like I did, which opens up a huge array of possibilities as the colour choices are impressive.  I almost went for the beautiful beautiful royal blue version, but my heart always goes for the pink, so I had to pick pink!

The Eternity Rose

If you prefer something a bit more functional, there’s also a great range of rose jewellery including pendants, earrings and sets, as well as various other rose-themed products.  I personally think the original The Eternity Rose is the best of the bunch as there’s something so joyful about owning a product that is there purely to be viewed for its beauty.  The Eternity Rose is $159 which roughly translates to around the £120 mark and you can find my pink one here – link.

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