Love OPI XOXO 2017 Nail Polish Collection – ONE TO GRAB NOW

Love OP XOXO Advent set PIN IT

I’ve mentioned this Love OPI XOXO 2017 Nail Polish Collection set in my previous Christmas Nails post, but I wanted to give it a little bit more individual love as it’s *such* a good set, plus it’s currently discounted, so it’s definitely one to grab now! The set is kind of like an OPI Advent, as it contains 25 mini polishes, 12 of which are the FULL Love OPI, XOXO collection, with the remaining shades containing a great mix of all sorts of different colours.

When group-buying sites (remember those??) were all the rage, I use to obsessively hunt OPI mini sets as I loved them and I thought they were a great way of trying new collections without splurging on the full-sized products; let’s face it, unless you change your polish on a daily basis, you’re unlikely to get through all your full-sized polishes before they become unusable, so this is a handy way to expand your collection.  The Love OPI XOXO 2017 Nail Polish Collection is a fantastic extension of this kind of approach to buying polishes and I love the fact that there are 25 – that’s absolutely loads! If you consider the average mini set contains 4 polishes, 25 is a mega set!

This is a great gift for yourself, but it’s also a really easy way to sort out some stocking fillers as you could definitely put a couple of these in the stocking of any beauty-lover.  However, if you’re looking for a showstopping gift, this whole set will definitely impress – I really, really love it and I think it’s so well executed.  It was originally £69, but it’s currently on offer for £44.95 here – link – which works out at less than £1.80 per polish…soooo good!


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