Benefit BADGal Bang Mascara

Benefit BadGal Bang Mascara ReviewPIN IT

Benefit really are very good at generating buzz; all us beauty fans have been quietly obsessing about what the newest launch from Benefit is, and it turns out, it’s a fabulous mascara! I know Benefit have lots of great products, but I think if most people had to pick one that they associate with the brand the most, it’s mascara, so a big and warm welcome to the newest member of the family, the Benefit BadGal Bang Mascara.

Benefit BadGal Bang Mascara ReviewPIN IT

Benefit BadGal Bang Mascara promises to be a bit of a do-it-all, promising volume, length, lift, longevity and a conditioning formula.  It’s also sold as being flake-free, smudge-proof and water-resistant, plus it contains aero-particles (derived from space technology) known as one of the lightest materials available, and a perfect inclusion in a mascara that needs to be aiming for as little weight as possible – sounds blimin’ amazing, right??!

Benefit BadGal Bang Mascara ReviewPIN IT

I really like the Benefit BadGal Bang Mascara packaging as I love black and pink together – I find the combination really striking – and special credit needs to be given to the mascara brush which is right up my street; it’s streamlined and sensible (nothing OTT and unnecessary here) and it tapers to the end, allowing you to coat and fill the main lashes with the wider end, and get into the fiddly little lashes with the slender end.  The brush, alongside the Goldilocks mascara formula (not too thick, not too thin, just right) makes this a very easy mascara to use.

Benefit BadGal Bang Mascara Review Before and AfterPIN IT

It’s all well and good promising the world, but does it deliver? It’s too soon for me to share my thoughts on the longevity, smudge and flake-free claims, but I can say that this is a fantastic mascara that’s particularly great for really ‘wow’ lashes.  I have LVL at the moment (as always, never gonna’ give you up…) meaning my lashes have quite a bit of help with lift and curl, but as you can clearly see in the pictures above, length and volume is really taken care of – that’s just one coat on each eye and the difference is very, very clear!

Benefit BadGal Bang Mascara ReviewPIN IT

I went in with a second coat for the final picture above, but I don’t actually think you need it unless you really like a lot of drama or you fancy that spiky lash look.  The two huge selling points for the Benefit BadGal Bang Mascara is the formula, which a dream to work with and glides onto each lash in a silky, clump-free fashion, and the elegant and understated brush that stands back and delivers the formula to perfection, without any bells and whistles.  I will publish an update soon to let you know about the long-term claims, but first impressions of the Benefit BadGal Bang Mascara are very, very positive – I’ve been desperate for an exciting mascara launch so thank you Benefit! The Benefit BadGal Bang Mascara is available now at Benefit here – link – for £21.50, however, QVC currently have it at a fantastic intro price of £16.56 all in (no P&P!) so there’s the place to head if you want to grab a bargain – link.


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