Empties #2


I’ve got into the habit of saving all my empties now, but rather than do a fairly regularly post that basically details my toothpaste and hand wash choices (with the Indeed Labs Moisture Jelly adding a bit of colour) I’ve decided to save them all up for mega posts every few months instead.  My friend Hazel at StrandonBeauty pointed out that she doesn’t like to feature the actual empty products themselves as by the time they’re empty they’re looking a little on the manky side; she’s absolutely right so apologies for some of the knackered-looking products below!


Starting off with the oh-so-boring toothpaste stash: I find myself usually buying either Sensodyne or Oral B as they’re both really good toothpaste brands that get the job done.  However, my big thing is whitening and I particularly like the new trend of charcoal toothpaste as I think it really does work to whiten teeth.  I used up the Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black which is a kind of halfway point between normal toothpaste and charcoal powder, so a great place to start if you want to dip your toe into the charcoal trend.  Finally, I used up two of the Taylor’s 32 toothpastes in the funkiest of flavours – Grapefruit and Mint and Fennel and Mint.

Empties Bath and BodyPIN IT

I can’t actually remember the last time I used a deodorant that wasn’t from Dove, as it suits my often dry and sensitive underarms so well.  The Dove Beauty Finish was especially lovely – light and fragrant without being too overpowering. I wrote about my love for Kneipp recently, mentioning my favourite Red Poppy Bath Crystals which I finished up very quickly after opening – they are such a great way to add scent and colour to the bath, making it feel very spa-like. Speaking of spa-like, another product I get through quickly is an Elemis bubble bath, and the Frangipani Monoi Bath and Shower Nectar gives light, soft bubbles and an inviting scent. The ESPA Soothing Bath Oil is probably my most reached for bath product of all time; it’s brilliant for when you need to quickly and effectively relax and unwind. I’ve got through quite a few hand washes but the one of real note is gorgeous Black Poppy and Wild Fig Hand Wash from Soap Co.

Empties CleansersPIN IT

The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is phenomenal value as it lasted me for ages – I would say possibly not too short of a year! I absolutely love it as it’s so gentle yet removes eye make-up really easily.  I like to use a micellar before cracking on with a double cleanse, and the Garnier ones are some of the very best, regardless of price point, even though they are very purse-friendly.  I think this is my second or third bottle of the Elemis Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil, which is another great make-up remover that’s very silky and the perfect thickness for cleansing – not too thick that it feels unpleasant and not too thin that it runs all over the place.  The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Micellar Water is nowhere near as good as the Garnier one, but it has it’s place in my routine and I like to use it as a quick morning cleanse because it’s light, hydrating and smells really lovely.

Empties SkincarePIN IT

It’s a very Elemis-heavy post today, isn’t it? The Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask is such a great choice for deep cleansing without leaving skin feeling like it’s been stripped of moisture – it’s been a favourite for years.  I used up another bottle of the Oxygenetix Acne Control Oxygenating Foundation, which is probably one of the best foundations on the market, but the lightest shade is a touch too dark for me, especially in the winter months – bring out a lighter shade guys, please! As usual, there’s a couple of tubs of Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly; I don’t actually use it as much as did earlier this year as the cold weather demands a richer hydrator, but I still like to keep a full tub handy as it’s especially good for trialling new products to get an idea of how they perform without anything heavy getting in the way.

*Mix of PR Samples and Purchases



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