Fragrance Friday: Philosophy Pure Grace Nude Rose and Amazing Grace Ballet Rose



I’m such a huge fan of Philosophy scents as I think they completely nail the high street market, offering fragrances that are absolutely beautiful, wearable and layerable, with a price point that’s decent and a collection that’s varied enough to suit most tastes.  Therefore I’m always excited to try a new Philosophy fragrance and I was particularly keen to get my hands on the two newest members of the family; Pure Grace Nude Rose and Amazing Grace Ballet Rose.


I really love the fact that Philosophy have decided to launch two rose-led fragrances at the same time, as they’re both quite different, therefore giving you the choice between a more traditional take on rose (Ballet Rose) or something a little warmer and sexier (Nude Rose).  Both fragrances are lovely and rival those with much higher price points – I’m always impressed with Philosophy scents and these two are no different.


Starting with Philosophy Pure Grace Nude Rose, which is the deeper, warmer musky rose scent consisting of blush rose, dewy greens, neroli, orange flower, warm cedarwood and sun-kissed musk.  This is definitely the more interesting of the two, as even though the rose is clearly there – from the first spray to the drydown – it’s quite different to what you might expect from a rose scent. Once it settles, you can really pick up the orange flower tinged with musk, and to me, it evokes feelings of sitting on a holiday balcony watching the sunset in a warm climate.


Philosophy Amazing Grace Ballet Rose is almost completely opposite to Nude Rose in the sort of feelings it provides; it’s fresh, bright and peppy, making me feel energised and wanting to get stuff done.  I think of bright lights and daytime activities.  The notes start with rose, encased with sparkly lychee, alongside more floral notes of peony and finishing with pink musk.  The result is an extremely bright and feminine scent that’s lightly sweet and fruity, but mostly just a lovely, lovely floral fragrance.


I would honestly struggle to recommend one over the other as they’re both lovely, but I think it all boils down to personal taste.  However, if you’re a floral fragrance fan then you’ll likely find room in your heart for both, especially as they are so different.  If I was to crudely force them into categories, I would say that Ballet Rose is your everyday scent and Nude Rose is more of a holiday scent, but of course this is the world of fragrance where there are no rules and you should wear whatever you like whenever you like.  Both Philosophy Amazing Grace Ballet Rose and Pure Grace Nude Rose are £32 each and available here – link.

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  • Kay
    May 18, 2018

    I love Philosophy perfumes, and I always have bottles of Baby Grace and Amazing Grace in my drawer. I can’t wait to try these.

    • Sascha
      May 18, 2018

      Me too! I absolutely love Amazing Grace, it’s one of my all-time favourites. I think you’ll love these two xx

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