Dr Dennis Gross Spotlite Acne Treatment Device

Dr Dennis Gross Spotlite Acne Treatment DevicePIN IT

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Occasionally I get a product that I’m really excited to share with you guys, and the Dr Dennis Gross Spotlite Acne Treatment Device is one of them.  This is such a brilliant executed product that is just perfect in every sense; most importantly, it works really well, it’s very low maintenance and it isn’t too expensive either.  I’m a massive believer in the astounding powder of LED Light Therapy and I am very strict at keeping to a daily schedule of usage – I have a full face mask (The Aurora Light Therapy Mask – full review here) that I use for at least 20 minutes every single day, and I’m very aware of the fact that if I get lazy, even just for a couple of days, I’ll start showing signs of congestion again and eventually breakout – Light Therapy is one of the best things ever for acne and if you’re spot-prone, you need at least one LED Light Therapy device in your life!

Dr Dennis Gross Spotlite Acne Treatment DevicePIN IT

The Dr Dennis Gross Spotlite Acne Treatment Device makes use of medical-grade red and blue light, providing a multitude of benefits to quickly treat and heal a breakout.  The blue light is the key for treating spots as it kills the breakout-causing bacteria, but including the red light too means that you’re always getting a treatment that pinpoints the other issues with spots beyond what’s caused the spot itself; the inflammation and the pigmentation, both of which are problems you can’t avoid with a breakout, but the powerful red light works alongside the blue to help speed up the healing process.

Dr Dennis Gross Spotlite Acne Treatment DevicePIN IT

The Dr Dennis Gross Spotlite Acne Treatment Device is a wonderfully easy-to-use device that’s light and dinky, but not so small that it’s fiddly.  It’s operated with a single button the side, and you use it by applying the end with the light directly onto your skin, pressing the button firmly and leaving it in position for 3 minutes.  It’s an impressively strong light (don’t shine it in your eyes!) and your skin will feel slightly warmer.  It’s very easy to hold in place for the full three minutes and once time is up, there’s a long beep to let you know.  If I were to be particularly critical, I’d say the beep is too loud, but that’s literally the only flaw I can find!

Dr Dennis Gross Spotlite Acne Treatment DevicePIN IT

I also love the fact that this device relies on a single battery for power, so no faffing about with plugs, leads and chargers, making this very easy to travel with.  I’ve had a couple of spots over the last week or so that I’ve been treating with this, and the results are very quick and very noticeable.  My routine at the moment involves cleansing, full face LED mask, then spot-treating any individual spots.  I have used a few similar devices on previous occasions, such as the FOREO ESPADA, which is very good, but I’d say the Dr Dennis Gross Spotlite Acne Treatment Device is better; not only is it less of a hassle to use and a lot cheaper, it also feels a lot stronger and I really love the inclusion of the red light too as I really do feel it makes a big difference to the effectiveness of the product – I have a spot at the moment that I treated this morning and it really did look a lot less inflamed immediately after use.  If you’re prone to breakouts, this’ll £58 well spent.

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