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Glossier Cloud PaintsPIN IT

Do you remember when Glossier launched in the UK and it was pretty much all the beauty world could talk about? I remember popping along to the launch – which was basically like a fashion show with all the hip young things standing around looking VERY serious, alongside me talking to a blogger friend about morning sickness, the glamour! – and I tried out their Milky Jelly Cleanser, thought it was fab (it is – find a mini here for £8 – link) then that was pretty much the end of my relationship with the brand as there was nothing that pulled me in, although I think that might’ve been more to do with my aversion to hype.  A few years later and suddenly I can’t stop thinking about their Cloud Paints, deciding they would be the perfect addition to my summer make-up routine, and I was absolutely right.

Glossier Cloud PaintsPIN IT

Glossier’s approach to make-up is really interesting, and one I really like, because they have this kind of “wake up, splodge a few things on with your fingers, brush your brows through with Boy Brow and you’re good to go” take on makeup application, which I really like; don’t get me wrong, I love to spend an hour perfecting every little element of my make-up, but that’s a luxury I rarely get to enjoy, and most of the time I’m just squeezing in whatever I can in the 10 minutes between breakfast and taking Teddy to school, so if you’re like me and often pushed for time, then Glossier make-up is a brand I can highly recommend.

Glossier Cloud PaintsPIN IT

The Glossier Cloud Paints come in six shades in total, and I was sent Beam and Puff which I was thrilled about as those are literally the two shades I desperately wanted.  Beam is a rich peach and Puff is a cool-toned pink – I love them both and refuse to play favourites.  Beam is the sort of colour that suits me best when I have a tan, whereas Puff is better when I’m a little paler, although both work well whatever my colourings.  The texture is lovely and light and blends like a dream.  I also love the paint style packaging which adds an element of fun to the whole thing.

Glossier Cloud PaintsPIN IT

The swatches are a little scary as they look quite intense, but rest assured that they blend out to a gorgeous flush of colour that you can layer up, if you choose.  If you watch the videos on the Glossier site you can see that it’s just a case of patting them on and blending them in with your fingers, or if you’re like me and a fan of brush blending, the Real Techniques Instapop Cheek Brush will make all the difference.  The blushers are £15, which I was really surprised about as I always thought Glossier were an expensive brand, and whilst I realise £15 isn’t exactly budget, it’s also not too spendy either, especially as the tube will last for ages as you need such a small amount each time. You can also buy a duo of Cloud Paints for £25, making them even better value.

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  • Siobhán
    May 30, 2019

    Both of these shades are right up my street! I haven’t tried anything from Glossier yet! xx


    • Sascha
      May 30, 2019

      Ever since trying these blushes I’ve developed a bit of a thing for them! I want to try the foundation and concealer next xx

  • LindaLibraLoca
    June 1, 2019

    My aversion to hype is pretty much the reason why I haven’t tried anything from Glossier yet (that and the fact that I don’t live in the UK). But I feel the same about my makeup in summer, so I might look into these a little more.
    As a heads up, the link you left in your blog comment on my blog doesn’t work, it just brings up an error when trying to follow it.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • Sascha
      June 3, 2019

      Honestly I have been pleasantly surprised so they’re definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of creamy products.

      Thanks so much for that heads-up, I had a feeling the link wasn’t working properly but I was struggling to tell! I think I’ve fixed it now xx

  • Sarah
    June 3, 2019

    I’ve only tried their lip gloss, which I won in a giveaway. I have heard a lot of people talk about the cloud paints and how good they are. Both shades do look pretty.

    • Sascha
      June 4, 2019

      They are lovely and I really have been so impressed – I want the foundation and concealer next xx

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