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I’ll be honest, now I’m in my 9th year of blogging, there are very few brands that get me particularly excited (although there are, thankfully, still a few!) but IT Cosmetics is definitely a brand that I keep a very close eye on, mostly because their products are just so fantastically reliable.  They have some of the best eyeshadow formulas I’ve ever tried, some of their brushes are staples in my routine and let’s not even start on the sheer brilliance that is the Full Coverage SPF50 CC+ Cream, a likely essential in every make-up lovers kit.  With all that in mind, I jumped at the chance to check out some of the recent IT Cosmetics launches at QVC UK, so here they are!

IT Cosmetics at QVC UKPIN IT

I’ll start with the aforementioned Full Coverage SPF50 CC+ Cream, which is now available in a massive 75ml bottle – for reference, that’s it above next to my (almost empty) 32ml – and, even more impressive is the comprehensive shade range, which is now so much bigger than the last time I checked! Above is my shade on the left is Fair, and the larger size is Fair Light, which is a touch too dark for me, so I’m definitely still the palest shade available, but if you’ve used that shade previously and found it too light then Fair Light is a good step down.  The 75ml tube is currently available for £40.98 with free postage, which is a mega saving as the 32ml is £31, so you’re spending just under a tenner for a bottle that’s well over double the size.  PLUS they’re also offering 3 easy pays of £13.66, so now is the time to stock-up! Find it here – link.

IT Cosmetics at QVC UKPIN IT

Next up is my first proper foray into the IT Cosmetics skincare line, starting with the Confidence in a Gel Lotion, which is a gorgeous and deeply hydrating gel that feels phenomenal on the skin, leaving it feeling both nourished and silky smooth, so great for under make-up.  The silkiness is provided by Dimethicone, which is one of the few ingredients that my skin doesn’t like, so if you’re someone who struggles with Dimethicone then you’ll need to tread carefully with this, but having said that, I’ve used it a few times without any breakout problems and this is the sort of product that I think oily skin types would really benefit from, as it’s very hydrating without any heaviness, and well priced at £29 too.  Find it here – link.

IT Cosmetics at QVC UKPIN IT

Now onto the first of two awesome duos, starting with the Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination with Concealer Brush, which is another product that’s expanded their shade range (I’m basing this on the original which I think started with just three shades, if I recall correctly) to include six in total.  I have the shade medium which is too dark for me, but I also have the Light shade from when it originally launched so I can vouch for it’s effectiveness and can say that it is a really lovely product that blurs and minimises all the typical issues around the eyes; the Illumination formula is especially flattering, adding a touch of light that really lifts the whole area, and the brush is flaming amazing too! This is just £26 with no P&P right now and you can find it here – link.

IT Cosmetics at QVC UKPIN IT

The final duo is the 2 Piece Superhero Mascara and Eyeliner Collection, which was the set that excited me most of all as I LOVE the Superhero Mascara and I’ve been wanting to try the eyeliner for ages! The Superhero Mascara is one of those do-it-all products that lengthens, volumises and lifts, so lashes really do look amazing.  The eyeliner is slender, easy-to-use and stays in place, so these two together are a total dream team, and are currently at £24.98 (plus £3.95 P&P) and you can find them here – link.

IT Cosmetics at QVC UKPIN IT

I remember when IT Cosmetics launched in the UK and they had just a few awesome products, but now the range is absolutely huge with some total superstars available.  I love the fact that there are often some great deals to be found at QVC UK so if nothing above has grabbed your attention, definitely head to the ITC section at QVC UK as you’ll likely find something to change your mind! Check out the full QVC UK edit here – link.



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