Quick Pick Tuesday: Smoovall Skin Contact Spray

Disclaimer: PR Sample – I have not been paid for this feature. 

Just before my last holiday in May, I got everything waxed and spent the first few days afterwards in quite a lot of pain as my underarms were very sore.  I use crutches, so if you think of how moving on crutches works – with the constant rubbing of the arms moving against the torso – this sort of action creates a horrible friction that caused some very nasty sores.  I realise this is quite a niche problem, but I know the same theory applies to those who have had their bikini lines waxed and have to do lots of walking afterwards, or maybe those who have had their legs waxed and end up sitting down for a long period; these are all things that can cause friction straight after a wax, so I thought I’d give Smoovall Contract Spray a go to see if it would help me at all.

Whilst not especially glamorous, Smoovall Skin Contact Spray has proved itself to be very handy for me during my waxing visits, as I honestly was thinking I would have to give it a miss because the underarm friction sores were horrid and would take days to ease-up.  the Smoovall spray solved that issue completely and my last two waxes have been absolutely fine as a result.  The sprays works by providing an extra layer of protection to areas prone to friction and chaffing, without being obvious: so there’s no greasy residue or white marks, you just give the bottle a shake, spray it on, let it settle in for 30 seconds and you’re good to go.  My waxer was a bit nervous about the idea of using an aerosol straight after a wax, but there was no pain – if anything it felt soothing – and I could go back to my normal activities straight after.  I haven’t put this to the test, but I think it would also be a great product for anyone who gets sores on their feet from shoes that create friction, as I think this would provide a layer of protection.  100ml is £14.99, although they annoyingly charge quite a bit for postage at £3.99, however, if you’re ready to invest, then pick up two bottles and postage is free. Find it here – link.


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