Bargain Alert: Supersized Philip Kingsley Elasticizer at QVC UK

Philip Kingsley ElasticizerPIN IT

I have been meaning to post about this extremely good deal from QVC UK for absolutely ages, but kept forgetting! The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is one of those cult products that every hair type can benefit from, especially as it’s a pre-wash treatment, so those who have hair that can easily get weighed down by traditional deep conditioners can also use this in their routine.  I’ve been a Philip Kingsley fan for such a long time and I used to pick up the hair kits that would contains a shampoo, conditioner and a couple of sachets of Elasticizer, the latter of which I would eek out and make last for ages – they were such great value kits!

Elasticizer has been around for quite a while, but it’s only recently that they’ve started to introduce different fragrances – I note that QVC UK has a Fragrance Library set here – link – how amazing would that be as a gift?! – and it appears that the Pomegranate and Cassis scent appears to be the most well-received since it’s the most widely available.  The massive bottle in the above picture is actually a litre of Elasticizer – can you believe that? A litre! It’s £61.95 (which you can pay with three easy pay payments for £20.65 a go) which is stonking value if you consider that 150ml is £32, so you’re getting a 850ml for the price of 150ml, which is phenomenal value.  If you’re someone who uses Elasticizer regularly (and if you’re not then I really recommend you do – this stuff is like nothing else when it comes to repairing damage; I even use it on my son!) then this works out a brilliant investment, as how long is a litre going to last you? Find the Supersized Philip Kingsley Elasticizer 1 litre here – link.  If you love Elasticizer but the new fragrance doesn’t really do it for you, I note there’s a similar deal on the original fragrance here – link.

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