Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper and Hair Touch-Up in Blonde

Regular readers will know that I’m a big fan of Bobbi Brown as most of the products I’ve used from the range (which covers pretty much all of what’s available!) have become staples in my daily make-up routine.  I was really excited to see the new Brow Collection additions which includes two shades of Brow Kits and this Natural Brow Shaper alongside the already existing Brow Pencil, all of which make-up the full Brow Collection.  

The Brow Shaper is pretty much a small mascara that you use to shape and define eyebrows.  There’s a clear option available if you’re after something to hold your brows in place, but if you want the added convenience of definition then there are four coloured shades available.

The shade I use is Blonde as I’m very fair.  I’d say that this is almost a neutral, light brown, although having swatched it on my hand it looks like it leans a tiny bit red.  However, I have very mousy coloured brows and this doesn’t redden them at all.

Application is easy, I like to brush my brows into place then use this over the top to add a bit of definition and to keep them in place.  However, what’s really useful about this is and what I feel makes it a bit different from other brow wands is the fact that it really does make a difference to the definition of my brows, so I’ve started skipping filling them in all together for day wear, although I still would when I’m going for a fuller make-up look.  For natural “no make-up” days this is perfect.  

Brows aren’t left feeling sticky or like they’ve been glued in place, they just look neat and very naturally defined.  The most important plus for me is that I can skip filling my brows in as I prefer to do as little as possible in the mornings so this is a real time saver.

A word of warning, you need a very gentle hand when applying this if you like natural definition.  However, if you like your brows to look heavily defined then this can be built-up to a surprisingly high level of definition considering it’s just a brow wand.

I’m really happy with my purchase (even more so as there was a John Lewis 10% off promotion at the time I purchased it) and I’ll absolutely replace when I finish it.  I really like the fact that there are several shades available and if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to naturally neaten your brows then this is definitely a product I recommend.  It costs £14.50 and can be found here.


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