Glossybox: August 2012

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but the thing that really fascinates me about beauty boxes is just how different we all feel about them.  For example, last months box really didn’t interest me at all which is why I didn’t write about it, yet most raved about it.  This month, I’m loving the contents of the box, yet a lot of people completely disagree.  For me, I’m happiest when the contents lean towards more make-up/aesthetics and I think a lot of people prefer more skincare, so maybe that’s why it is.  One thing’s for sure, a beauty box review really does show just how different all beauty bloggers are.

This months box had an International Superstars theme, meaning that all products included are apparently beauty hits in their corresponding countries.  There are five products that work within this theme and an extra goody from the makers of Glossybox.

As usual, I’m listing in order of favourites:

Glossybox Lipstick in Glossy Pink

This is the extra goody yet it’s definitely my favourite thing in the box.  It’s one of those ‘my lips but better’ pinks with a good hint of red, so it leans slightly blue making it a universally flattering shade.  I like the texture, the formula and the shade so it’s a definite winner for me.

Vera Valenti L’Ombre a Paupiere Margarita

There has been quite a bit of moaning about the inclusion of this bit of kit, yet I think it’s really good! Granted, the colour payoff isn’t great, but the shades included are pretty and easy to wear and for subtle daytime eye enhancement I think this is a pretty good inclusion.  Apparently it’s a really cheap Spanish product and over here it retails at £3.85, but I’m hardly going to write-off a product based on the price alone.  The only thing I will moan about is the horribly cheap packaging – I had to literally break-in to mine as the plastic wasn’t cut properly – but apart from that I think it’s a pretty sweet palette.


There’s not a lot you can say about this staple British product; it’s got its reputation for a reason and I think it works as a good representation of affordable British cosmetics.  We all know what it does, so I won’t go on!

All for Eve For the Eve Appeal Eve’s Balm

There’s rarely an occasion when a beauty box arrives that doesn’t include some sort of multi-purpose balm and as you can see, this box is no exception.  It’s not even remotely exciting, but multi-purpose balms will always prove useful to have around and I believe All for Eve is a pretty good brand, from what I can garner from other reviews.

Alessandro Pro White 

I like the idea of this product but I don’t really need it, hence its place so low down in the list.  It apparently optically brightens nails so I suppose it’d be handy for those days when I’m going sans-polish.  However, I haven’t gone without polish for well over a year, so I don’t think this will be getting an outing any time soon.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

This would’ve gone at or near the top of my list as I’ve heard great things about this cult Japanese cleansing oil.  However, it broke me out big time and therefore it isn’t the oil for me.  It worked well at removing make-up (including eye make-up) and didn’t leave a film afterwards, but I can’t use it any more as it broke me out at breakneck speed.  I think a lot of people assume that spot-prone skin types should avoid oils but that’s definitely not the case.  Oils are great on oily skin, they just have to be the right kind of oils.  I’ve moved swiftly on to another cleansing oil that is so far fantastic, so I’ll be reviewing that soon.

I really like the fact that Glossybox themes their boxes as I enjoy the concept.  This months box, to me, was a goodun’, so hopefully I’ll feel the same about next months box too.

Have a look here for more info about Glossybox subscriptions.

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  • Sarah
    August 22, 2012

    Yes I loved this months box too! Love the staying power of the eyeshadow. And the colour of the lipstick (got a slightly different shade to you, but suits me perfectly). I was going to unsubscribe after last months box, but maybe I’ll try one more!!!

    • BeautyGeekUK
      September 7, 2012

      It was really good wasn’t it? I love make-up heavy boxes! xx

  • Hannah Butler
    August 22, 2012

    Great blog! I have nominated you for a blog award. Find out more here

    • BeautyGeekUK
      Hannah Butler
      September 7, 2012

      Thanks so much Hannah! xxx

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