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The novelty of contouring is still showing no signs of abating, but thankfully there are now lots of various bits and bobs, tools and products, cheap and luxe, all designed to help us contour without too much skill or knowledge.  The latest arrival in my little stash is the Neve Cosmetics Contourmania Contour + Highlight, which is a double-ended cream contour crayon.

Neve Cosmetics Contourmania ContourPIN IT

You might not be familiar with the Italian brand Neve, so if not, check out my intro post here.  They do some great, quirky products, so I think we’ll be hearing a lot more from them this year.  The Contourmania crayon has a neutral-to-ashy contour shade at one end and a creamy vanilla shade at the other.  Interestingly, the highlight shade doesn’t have shimmer, which is something I’m personally pleased with as I like adding light without necessary involving glitter in it’s various forms.

Neve Cosmetics Contourmania HighlightPIN IT

The Contourmania also comes with a little guide page showing where to place both the contour colour and the highlight shade.  For the benefit of the post, I put both colours everywhere the guide suggested as you can see in the middle picture below.  Both products are of a lovely, creamy consistency that buff into skin to leave a very naturally contoured finish as you can hopefully see.

Neve Cosmetics Contourmania SwatchesPIN IT

I would really recommend giving Contourmania a go if you like the idea of contouring but haven’t yet made the jump, or even if you’re just looking for something quick and easy to slot into your routine as this is such a handy little tool.  Whilst both ends are creamy and blendable, neither are shiny nor greasy, so they should be suited to most skin types, although if you’re very dry I’d tread carefully as they *might* accentuate signs of dryness.

Neve Cosmetics Contourmania Before and AfterPIN IT

In conclusion, I really like Neve’s Contourmania and it’s so well priced at around £6.90 (9.50€)  making it an affordable way to experiment with cream contour.  It’s here – link – from the original site, or you can pick it up for £6.95 here – link.


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