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In the press release for Sass Intimate Skincare, it states that “56% of women don’t have an intimate skincare routine.” Are you shocked? Appalled? Who are these terrible women who haven’t been cleansing, toning and moisturising their vagina?! It’s safe to say I’m most definitely one of them and I will not be putting together any kind of skincare routine for my “intimate area” any time soon.  Having said that, I really do like the concept of the Sass skincare range, as it’s a sensibly formulated collection of products that are as pretty to look at as they are practical. There are nine products in the range in total, that fall into three sub-categories; The Health Collection for when things are a tad unbalanced, The Sports Collection – extra care products for those who undertake sporty activity that might have an impact on the area (think horseriding, gymnastics etc) and finally The Beauty Collection, everyday use products that aren’t half as exploitative as they sound!

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Cleanse Me – Intimate Purifying Cleanser is a daily wash that’s designed to gently purify and maintain balance.  It makes sense to me to use a product specifically for such a sensitive and delicate area, but I realise a lot of people disagree.  Perfect Me – Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate is a great idea; it’s a soothing post wax or shave balm designed specifically for the bikini area, so it’s particularly gentle – I don’t think there’s anything else available like this? Freshen Me – Intimate Freshness Gel is a daily moisturiser that “provides scent protection”.  Presumably that means it’s like a deodorant for the area, but I’m not 100% sure!

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Refresh Me – Intimate Refreshing Mist is another “scent protection” product which I’m presuming is a more convenient and travel-friendly version of Freshen Me.  Rescue Me – Intimate PH Balanced Serum is formulate to restore intimate harmony.  I would say this would be a star product for pregnant women, as everything “down there” goes a bit crazy during pregnancy, and this sounds like it would be a big help.  Rejuvenate Me – Intimate Dryness Gel does exactly what it says on the tin by adding hydration, another product that might prove handy during pregnancy.

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The final two products for The Sports Collection: Prepare Me – Intimate Protection Barrier Cream helps to reduce skin friction, so it’s a great idea for anyone who uses a bike or rides a horse as it should help stop any chafing.  Recover Me – Intimate Recovery Serum, which is a post exercise treatment product that cools, soothes and calms.  As you can see, the range is extremely comprehensive with a product for pretty much every kind of intimate skincare concern you might have, and it’s also packaged well enough so that it blends in with other skincare.  The price point is low to medium, with the cheapest product being the Intimate Purifying Cleanser at £7, followed closely by the Intimate Refreshing Mist at £8. The most expensive products are those in The Sports Collection, with the Intimate Protection Barrier Cream priced at £16 and the Intimate Recovery Serum at £14.  They’re all currently on offer at Boots here – link – and you can find out more about the Sass brand and ethos here – link.

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