Air Wick Mulled Wine by the Fire

Air Wick Mulled Wine by the Fire

Air Wick Mulled Wine by the Fire  Review

I’m in candle heaven right now, as I’m currently working on two seasonal, candle features so I’m fully embracing the candle fragrance vibe, and it’s wonderful! I’ll be completely honest, when I first started putting the feature together, the Air Wick brand didn’t even register on my radar as it just isn’t something I ever think of when considering fragrance, but count me changed as I am so impressed with the Mulled Wine by the Fire collection that I’m already putting together a little list of other things I need to add to my collection.

Air Wick Mulled Wine by the Fire Reed Diffuser

The Air Wick Mulled Wine by the Fire collection is a brilliantly executed selection of home fragrance goodies that go the extra mile and are extremely well priced.  I have three of them to show you, starting with the Reed Diffuser, which is a pretty, delicate, glass container holding fragrance and little glass beads alongside the included reeds.  How lovely does this look? It’s less than £8 too!

Air Wick Mulled Wine by the Fire Freshmatic

The Freshmatic Spray Starter Set is something that I keep seeing advertised but haven’t had a chance to try yet, with the idea being that it provides a series of complimentary scents that keep the fragrance fresh.  It’s a great idea and I think it’s especially handy for Christmas, since you want to keep that Christmas scent as vibrant as possible.  The starter kit is £10.99.

Air Wick Mulled Wine by the Fire Candle

Finally, on to the seriously impressive Colour Changing Candle, which is just so fab! Not only is the fragrance spot-on – strong, punchy yet not OTT – but I absolutely love the fact that the candle changes colour! I think this is so clever; the packaging is pretty and the colour changing creates a glow that’s kind of like a modern take on a lava lamp.  This is an amazing buy for £7.99 and I’m really excited to see that there are more Colour Changing Candles in the range – how have I not got my hands on these before?! I love the fact that all these elements combine to keep fragrance fresh in your home; I’d start off with the Reed Diffuser about a week before Christmas, add the Freshmatic a day or two before, and finish with the candle on the day, with all three coming in at £27 (less than the price of an average luxury candle) this is a truly great and affordable way to do Christmas fragrance.  The full range is available at most supermarkets such as Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsburys.

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