Fragrance Friday: Three Very Different (Yet Equally Beautiful) Rose Fragrances


I wanted to do something a little different for this Bank Holiday Fragrance Friday post, and as I’ve been lucky enough to have some gorgeous rose-led fragrances added to my collection recently, I thought I’d share three rather different takes on this popular scent. For years I was never one to reach for anything with a rose fragrance (team jasmine all the way!) but in the last couple of years I’ve had my mind gently changed.  Here are three gorgeous scents that all lead with rose, but are so different that you could happily add them all to your collection and never worry about having a perfume wardrobe filled with anything too samey.


I posted about the two new rosy launches from Philosophy last week, and I mentioned that the Pure Grace Nude Rose is really quite special as it’s definitely a rose fragrance, but it’s more of a beachy, holiday, watching-the-sunset-whilst-sipping-on-a-cocktail type of fragrance that totally evokes the need for a break somewhere balmy and sunny.  It’s a really clever scent that like “Rose 2.0” as it offers a very new take on rose for the mass market.  It’s £32 here – link.


Next is another fragrance I spoke about recently, which is A Tribute to Edith by Parterre.  This is another fascinating take on a rose fragrance, as I normally associate roses with scents that are light, airy, sparkly and well suited to daytime, but A Tribute to Edith is much sexier, deeper and more of a sultry night time scent, so it’s very different to what you might expect when trying a scent dominated by roses.  This is a perfume that’s inspired by Edith Piaf, so that should give you a good base to start from when trying to understand what it’s like.  It’s £120 here – link.


Finally, the scent that made me realise just how beautiful rose-led fragrances can be, Rosa Moceniga by The Merchant of Venice. Out of the trio I’ve featured here, this is definitely the most traditional as it’s a very pretty scent that’s beautifully and unashamedly rosy, but it’s so well designed as it’s a full rose scent that sits on top of musky notes with hints of citrus poking through, however, the rose dominates completely, so the perfume is just a really full-bodied rose fragrance that’s feminine and very, very pretty, much like the bottle it comes in.  It’s £80 here – link.

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