Too Faced Pretty Mess Collection

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The Too Faced Pretty Mess collection is fun and cheeky set of products formed as a collaboration with Erika Jayne.  I don’t actually know who Erika Jayne is, but she looks fabulous!

Too Faced Pretty MessPIN IT

The Pretty Mess collection contains a small selection of beautifying goodies that are unashamedly girly and a little bit naughty, whilst still maintaining that universal appeal that Too Faced gets so right.  The packaging is pink, bright and metallic and each product is housed in a “Tear If You Dare” cover that adds to the fun and really makes the products stand out.

Pretty Mess Palette PIN IT

The Pretty Mess Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette is the product I find most exciting, as I really like the edit of colours and the mix of glitter, shimmer and matte finishes.  The shades are all very wearable and flattering, with scope for lots of different looks for both daytime and nighttime.  I also really like the fact that there are pink and berry shades mixed together with more neutrals, as I feel this give the palette a chance at longevity.

Too Faced Pretty Mess DSLPIN IT

The Pretty Mess Colour and Gloss Lip Kit is a lovely little duo of complimentary products, featuring a lip liner and a lip gloss.  There are two shades available, Polite Lips, a pretty, girly pink, and DSL, which is a little more full-on.  The recommendations for the kit involve using the lip liner as a base colour for the whole lip before finishing with the lip gloss.  I feel like these are slightly more grown-up takes on the Kylie lip kits that we used to see everywhere, so I think there is definitely a market for such a kit.

Too Faced Pretty Mess How Many Fucks Do I GivePIN IT

The Pretty Mess How Many F*cks Do I Give? High Impact Highlighter is pretty much as you’d expect; bling-tastic in every sense – a gorgeous compact containing bright and shimmery shades of gold, with the product itself being an embossed dollar sign sitting upon a square graph.  This is a shouty product that’s fun and flattering.

Too Faced Pretty Mess Pat the PussPIN IT

I genuinely don’t know how to feel about the name “Pat the Puss” as I realise the whole collection is supposed to be a bit tongue-in-cheek, but for some reason, I just really don’t like the name! I’m not offended by it, I just find it a bit disconnected from the actual product. The same cannot be said for the product itself, which is a beautiful body shimmer presented in the fun, Pretty Mess packaging, containing a beautifully soft body puff.  This is definitely a sexy product that’ll give your skin a warm and shimmery glow and fragrance it lightly with the scent of cookies.  It’s usually not the sort of product that I’d go for, but I’m glad I have it in my kit.

Pretty Mess Painkillr Pink Lip Injection ExtremePIN IT

The final product is the Pretty Mess Painkillr Pink Lip Injection Extreme, which I really want to try but I’m too scared to! It’s a bright and glossy pink that promises to plump-up lips, giving them a real boost of volume.  I also find these products quite scary, but I will build-up to trying this eventually…




  • Siobhán
    March 7, 2019

    The eyeshadow palette and highlighter both look right up my street! xx


    • Sascha
      March 8, 2019

      I think it’s such a pretty collection! xx

  • Via Singh
    March 13, 2019

    Oooh I like all the shimmery vibe about this collection. It is actually very pretty to look at. 🙂 The lip gloss and the highlighter look gorgeous even the eye shadow palette. 🙂

    Via |

    • Sascha
      Via Singh
      March 13, 2019

      Isn’t it lovely? I really like the eyeshadow palette! xx

  • Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty
    March 13, 2019

    The eyeshadow palette is pretty but I hate that the pans are not lined up.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

    • Sascha
      Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty
      March 13, 2019

      Ha ha, that didn’t even register with me! Yes I can imagine that would really annoy some people – It’ll probably really bother me now! xx

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