Philips ReAura

Philips are about to launch a new at-home skincare product called the ReAura. It’s main aim will be to reduce wrinkles, even skintone and smooth skin texture. These claims are nothing special, considering so many products launch with these intentions, but what’s interesting about this specific gadget is that it’s based on Fraxel laser technology. Anybody who’s suffered from acne scarring, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and sun spots who have visited a dermatologist will no doubt have had Fraxel laser recommended to them. Fraxel laser is the laser of choice for such skin problems as mentioned above, as it’s so far proving the most effective whilst requiring the fewest treatments. Consequently, in-salon treatments are eye-wateringly expensive.

Philips last venture into at-home salon treatments was the hugely successful Lumea Hair Removal System (laser hair removal) which is still currently testing positively amongst consumers. Since they’ve done so well with the Lumea, hopefully the ReAura will prove just as effective.
It will be priced at £799 which is rather expensive, but if you consider that’s not much more than you’d expect to pay for ONE visit to a dermatologist for a similar treatment, this could prove both a cost-effective and convenient alternative to visiting the derm.
I can’t wait to hear what people have to say about it and if it’s worth the steep price-tag. I have a gut feeling that this product is going to prove effective.
More info can be found here at the Philips site and it will be first launching at Space NK this month.

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