Beauty Boxes

Latest in Beauty Bazaar Beauty Box

The Latest in Beauty Bazaar Beauty Box is something pretty special; so rarely does my finger hover over the 'purchase' button, but having seen the contents of this amazing box, I was very, very close! Expect some incredible brands with lots of full-sized products.  Here's what you get: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (full size) Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Day Cream Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder (full size) Mac Prep + Prime[...]

Look Incredible Deluxe Beauty Box – March 2018

I've been reading and seeing amazing things about the Look Incredible Deluxe Beauty Box, so I was very excited to get my hands on one, and it's safe to say I wasn't at all disappointed.  Look Incredible are managing to produce extremely exciting boxes (in relation to both the presentation and the contents itself) that are likely to get even the most cynical beauty lover intrigued, and in an area that is now heavily saturated with beauty boxes, Lo[...]

Glossybox March 2018

I'm quite late to the party with my Glossybox March 2018 post, but that's because there have been some issues with some of the boxes being sent out late, so if you're a subscriber wondering where your March Glossybox is, it should be with you any day now! Glossybox have had some strong boxes in the last few months, so they were due a weaker one, and I'm thinking this might be it. The March 2018 Glossybox contains five products, and dependin[...]

Birchbox March 2018

The March 2018 Birchbox focuses on self-care and me time, which is something I thoroughly support as I think self-care is one of the most underrated life essentials - it's sort of assumed that if you have time to self-care then you're somehow not doing enough or have too much free time, whereas I think the opposite is true and it's those who are busiest that need it the most! With a self-care focus, the Birchbox March 2018 contents is a lit[...]

Look Fantastic Beauty Box – March 2018 #LFBeautyBox

I've never tried a Look Fantastic Beauty Box before, but if the March 2018 edition is anything to go by, they are clearly pretty awesome; beautifully presented in sturdy, expensive-feeling boxes that are packed full of exciting products.  The Look Fantastic Beauty Box March 2018 contains a brilliant array of goodies with an extremely good mix spanning across all the main beauty elements. As soon as the box arrived I was surprised by how he[...]

Cherish.Love.Indulge Beauty Box (Estee Lauder Companies)

I love the fact that the Estee Lauder Companies have started releasing their own beauty boxes, with the Cherish.Love.Indulge Beauty Box focusing on being a Mother's Day gift, but obviously this is a beautiful beauty box full of Estee Lauder goodies, so anyone who loves their beauty will love this...very much including me! The box contains eight products, most of which are deluxe sample sizes, but there is a full-sized Mac mascara and the A[...]

Birchbox February 2018

Birchbox February 2018 comes presented in a very pretty box that celebrates "beauty through the decades" which I can see in the design of the box, but I'm not sure how it translates through the product selection...maybe I'm just being dense though! The Birchbox February 2018 contents is a good mix of five products spanning make-up, skincare and haircare.  Both make-up items are full-size and the other three products are pretty decent size[...]

Glossybox February 2018

The Glossybox February 2018 is the prettiest box I've seen for a while and a definite keeper! Thankfully, the Glossybox February 2018 contents is equally fab, with lots of pretty make-up/colour bits to coo over, alongside a timely bit of hydrating skincare and a great polish too. Interestingly, this month they've started listing all the products on the insert that you might get in your box (rather than the old way of tailoring the insert[...]

Latest in Beauty Women’s Health Box

I haven't flagged a Latest in Beauty box for quite a while, but this Women's Health collection is fabulous, so I thought I'd share, just in case you haven't spotted it.  It's packed full of some really good products that have been selected by the Women's Health Editor, Claire Sanderson.  There are some fantastic, really well-known brands including Murad, Colab, Tula, This Works and Buxom. Here's a look at what you get: Tula Exfoliating Trea[...]

QVC UK TSV: DECIEM 5 Piece Heroes Collection

This is very exciting! We all know and love DECIEM and their many, many awesome brands, so the DECIEM 5 Piece Heroes Collection celebrates all the fantastic brands under the DECIEM umbrella, with a look at five of their key hydrating products - this set is perfectly time for the colder months when we all need a bit of help with hydration, so I'm very excited about this QVC TSV! It's not a strict QVC TSV in the traditional sense as you'll ac[...]

Glossybox January 2018

It's beauty box day on the blog today! The Glossybox January 2018 box is here and it feels very bright and promising, capturing that innocent and enthusiastic new year vibe wonderfully.  There's a generally good mix with a bit of skincare, make-up, nail care and some very interesting supplements too. As you can see, there's a definite theme to the box, which contains an attractive and inviting selection of products.  I like the fact that[...]